Natural Treatment for Anxiety


If you are looking for a natural way to treat anxiety, you have come to the right place! Over the last several months I had researched ways to natural decrease my anxiety without taking pharmaceuticals (hope I spelled that right :P). The pharmaceuticals have so many side affects and no guarantee of actually working. I also have depression, so I’ve tried many meds and some have helped but with a price, and some have made me feel like I was hit with a tranquilizer. I’ve also tried many “natural” or more “natural” things but haven’t had a whole ton of luck. But I finally found something that truly helps; Turmeric. This is a herb that naturally decreases inflammation in the body, and there have been many studies that link higher inflammation with depression, anxiety, and a lot of other ailments. Be sure to look up more info if you’d like!

If you take this daily in your food, you will notice a change in a week or so. Make sure you compliment it with black pepper because it increases the absorption of turmeric by %2000. Here’s another blog post with that info and if you look it up on the internet you will find a lot of other domains that quote this. Also, make sure you don’t take this for too long of a period of time, as with any other natural remedy or anything at all in the world, too much isn’t good! Just look up some info about inflammation :). The way I took turmeric is putting a little in my coffee in the morning, and put a little bit of pepper in there, along with cinnamon, and it tasted great! Just don’t put too much turmeric in there otherwise it will get bitter. I suggest getting the powder form (I got mine from Whole Foods), because the root is like a very bitter carrot, but I am sure you could incorporate it into a smoothie.

Hope this helps everyone! It helped me a lot 🙂


Why So Sensitive?

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I have always been a sensitive person. It has been at times a curse and a blessing – although it took me a LONG time to see it as that! I am an emotional person – I feel things deeply! I remember as a kid all you ever had to do was raise your voice at me or give me a stern look and I was instantly remorseful and in tears! Any type of criticism – good or bad (but mostly bad) was taken personally and would cause me to shut down and withdraw; almost like a turtle retreating back into my shell where I was safe from any unkind words or critiques about me as a person. I was bullied as a child and made to feel that almost everything that made me me was wrong – I looked different (i had awful glasses and my skin color was…

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The First Page of a Sketch Book

Hello all! So now that I am done with finals, I am super excited to finally start drawing in me new sketch book that I bought from Michael’s on Black Friday. But, there’s a slight hitch in this excitement…WHERE DO I START? That first page is so intimidating…That will be the page that I always (almost) open up to. The page to start the physical representations of my imaginations. I have no idea what to do with it! I found this link, and it starts about halfway down the page (if you want to skip the author’s intro). It gives some guidelines for this dilemma!

This entry is written for people who probably are willing to show their drawings. I am willing, but only for close friends or for friends who I know will be interested. Still not sure what I want to do.

I’m checking another website out on deviantart. It looks like some people like to use the first page as a “Welcome” page, or a blank page because if you put a drawing there it would get smudged. This gives me an idea that I have used (or tried to) on some of the my school notebooks. Basically, I’d make the first page a table of contents, with a welcome title and some doodles. Or maybe make the first page a title page, and the next two or few a table of contents.

Another website suggests drawing some lyrics;

So here we are, a few different ideas for how to tackle this daunting challenge. Looks like I will sit on this and think for a bit. I’ll maybe add an update when I start sketching!

Inner Strength

Hello all. I wanted to get this thought out there.

I feel like sometimes I have some sort of inner strength, some type of power that lays dormant. Like, if I needed to, I could lift up a car, like I guess those moms did when their kids were trapped. Is this some symptom of a disorder? Or is it just a naturally occurring feeling? Do any of you ever feel this way? It’s just so strange because it makes me feel like I’m bigger, taller, and stronger than I actually am. Maybe it’s some sort of carryover from a past life or something like that…I’m not sure what it is…but it would be cool if it were true!

Thanks for tuning in V(peace).

Thanksgiving Guilt and Independance

I’m sitting here in my small dorm room, as I have been all day. I am listening to the soundtrack for The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time. “Well, why aren’t you with your family?” You might be asking, and I have answers. I am not with my family because I am choosing (with difficulty) to stay in my room. This year like the last (I think) our family is having two separate Thanksgivings. On one side, my Uncle, his fiance; my aunt, her husband. On the other side, my mom and my grandma. I chose to not go to either because of the amount of shit boiling beneath and in the family kettle. If I went to my Uncle’s I’d feel awkward because me and my Aunt are no longer on good terms at all. When I went to her wedding I felt so damn awkward. I lived with my aunt last year, and things boiled over, with my laziness and not helping around the house as much as I could since believe it or not I did actually become very busy a few times, and her passive-aggressive way of dealing with things. Her Fiance at the time sent me a text somewhat scolding me for not doing the dishes when I was in fact busy as all hell with school and work. I was pissed. I think it was justified for me to be pissed since a non-family member thought it was ok for them to tell me what to do. I told him, if she wanted to tell me how disappointed she was in me for not helping, or wanted to scold me, then she should do it herself like an adult. I accepted that I needed to do more when I could, even though I was, again, genuinely swamped that week. And that’s where that problem comes from. Over the summer I lived in a house with 4 other roommates, and I was so frustrated with how little cleaning they did (basically none, I was the only one to have cleaned the bathroom once over the course of summer >:P). I understood then how my family members must have felt when I barely lifted a finger to help out. So I sent out a mass texted and apologized for my behavior, and how I now understood how I acted. My aunt never responded to the text. And then there was the wedding that I decided to go to to support her, and it was just awkward. BLEGH! I don’t often feel awkwardness because I’m a crazy character, so I don’t mind it. But this, this was awkward. So there’s that side of the fam.

Now for the Mom side. Me and my mom have a shitty relationship (VERY long story short). She says whatever the hell she wants to me, never apologizes, and expects me to want to come to thanksgiving or something. No, but I think she should understand there are consequences to the shit you say. I’ve learned that the hard way and I still do. And I try to apologize.

I guess what I am trying to do is justify my decision, even though I feel guilty for it. It makes me sad and fill up with anxiety because I’m not going to thanksgiving, even though we’ve had some type of one every year, no matter what was going on and even if the fam was divided I still went. This year, since I am in my own residence, I have more power to decide for myself. But whenever I decide for myself, I always question the decision because I feel such guilt. It’s true, I am immature, and I don’t know when I’ll get out of it. But I think there are varying degrees of maturity. And if being mature means making decisions that make everyone else happy but not myself, then what’s the point? I’m not even that happy about staying in my room because I feel so bad for it. But why would I want to spend thanksgiving next to someone who treats my like shit and never says sorry, or next to someone who ignored my apology? BAH! I miss being a kid and just being able to focus on my video games. Responsibility is stupid. I wish I could stay young forever. If there is life after death, I hope I get to live in my greatest imaginative fantasies, with my cats and just live those lives out or something.

Video games are better because their lives seem to hold much more weight and importance in the world, which mine is severely lacking. They’re respected for their decisions most of the time. Envy is what I have….

ANYWAYS….That last bit is for another post. For those of you that are spending your time with your Families this week, have a Happy Thanksgiving. For those of you who are not, if you are even out there, you’re not the only one. I need to come up with a list of things I am thankful for…Chow!

Tired and frustrated

Back again. I’m so frustrated and tired with things in my life. I am tired of trying at school. I’m a senior in College, so is this normal? I’m procrastinating on everything, watching Netflix for hours on end not leaving my room…and I’m frustrated that people in my life expect me to be so resilient against hardships, against hurtful things they and others do to me. I mean, how do you expect someone to just keep smiling through it all? How do you not consider how all of the things you and others say to them might make them feel? I’ve just changed so much. So much anger inside…angry that the people who are supposed to be my family aren’t even there for me. What kind of family is that? I’m just so tired of it all. You get so used to trying not to be upset, to cry, to hide your feelings that things just go away on their own. Any emotion…it’s like everything forms into a blob and reacts lazily to a situation, besides anger and anxiety. I guess that’s it for tonight…